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💾 Fantasy, dragons, commons, solarpunk (?) 

💾 Alright here goes another idea I came up with: three villages manage a wetland as commons... but one of them is of dragons!

Each village gives and takes what they can and need in order to keep the wetlands perpetually bountiful... until a conquering empire sweeps in, and wants to seize exploit the valley for itself.

As usual, fantasy as an excuse to talk about cooperation and resistance to colonization.

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E' una storia ambientata in un alternativo, linea di confine tra e , in cui gli umani sono subordinati a una razza iperrazionale: i velim.

Ryeles sviluppa per caso un sistema di proto-scrittura, e cercherà di usarlo come strumento per costruire una comunità indipendente aiutata dalla mentore Zahari. Il rivoluzionario Tesfaj, invece, vuole usarla per porre fine al dominio veliode.

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💾 White privilege 

I'm a white cis western man, which is the real-live equivalent of playing a game on easy mode.

As an ancomm, it goes without saying that I support every indigenous, transfeminist, neurodivergent, environmental fight and many other struggles that minorities face across the world. However, I'm aware I can't really be part of any of them.

Instead of feeling bad, I ask myself: how can I use my white privilege effectively? What actions can I take that others are prevented from?

'Spectacular Failure of Climate Leadership': Biden Outpaces Trump on Oil and Gas Permits
Only liberals will be surprised at this. Good old nothing-will-change Joe is doing what he's always done...and will continue doing. Any (D) or (R) assures planetary extinction--it's "business as usual."
#Climate #Gas #Oil #Permits #Biden

first #hydroponics tower is done 😊 so happy with how it turned out. just printed an adapter for a 5 gallon bucket to use as the base. can't wait to start growing stuff.

#hydroponics #3dprinting #solarpunk

What a lot of the people that subscribe to the idea of tiering people using Greek letters (alpha males etc) seem to just not realise is that when Aldous Huxley coined these terms in Brave New World, he used them to describe a society that is fundamentally unfree. Planned to the extreme, a rigid caste system that fears nothing more than it's denizens right to choose.

And thus takes it from them.

💾 I watched basically every YouTube video about I could find.

That's how obsessed I am with that story. It's the best piece of visual art AND antifascist art of the decade and you should watch it too! 😄

I haven't played Monopoly for many years now. The last game was with three housemates at university. One housemate was winning and really enjoying his triumph over the rest of us. So I suggested to my other two housemates that we form a cooperative. We would let each other off rents on our properties. The standards rents would apply to anyone not in the coop. And you could leave the coop if you wanted. None of this is forbidden in the rules of Monopoly because it has little market regulation.

Saluti dalla lunghissima di Torino!
Almeno 200 persone hanno protetTO con le proprie bici la corsia ciclabile dando un messaggio chiaro alla Città: vogliamo strade più sicure!
Grazie a tutte e tutti! E saluti alle altre città che sono scese in strada con noi oggi <3

Billionaires should not set climate policy.
Billionaires should not set water policy.
Billionaires should not be setting any policy.
Billionaires should not be platformed to give opinion on crises & injustices they helped create & have financial stakes in monopolizing policies on.
Billionaires should not exist.

Time for an #introduction

Magpie Market is a federated platform aiming to be an alternative to #etsy; leveraging the Fediverse to help #artists, craftspeople, and others promote and sell their goods and services. We believe the #fediverse deserves a marketplace built with federation in mind.

Back during Occupy, we were very worried about how the 2012 NDAA could be used against protesters. The bill says that any person deemed a "terrorist" by the state loses all constitutional rights.

They are finally trying to establish precedent to weaponize these measures.

If you lose constitutional rights, this includes the right to habeas corpus. This is to say: the state could kidnap you and imprison you without even having to file paperwork. Establishing "property damage" as "terrorism" in a legal sense brings this dangerously close to reality.

Imbrattata oggi la sede del Ministero dell’Economia e delle Finanze a Firenze dagli attivisti di Ultima Generazione. Nel 2021, 41,8 miliardi di euro, soldi pubblici ottenuti dalle nostre tasse, sono stati investiti dal Governo italiano in ambiti a forte impatto climatico. Queste politiche rendono l’Italia il sesto Stato per finanziamenti nei combustibili fossili a livello globale. Lo stesso Stato che afferma di star facendo il possibile per arginare l’emergenza climatica che abbiamo di fronte.

💾 When someone tells you that "Yeah is just technofuturism", show them this article:

This shit is technofuturism. The all-in on a recent, ethically dubious and unproven technology that will magically solve everything AND grow the economy.

Sure, there’s 6 TRILLIONS of $ to be invested, but better put them there than, say, end colonial debt! 😁


The wealthiest 1% are responsible for 15% of the world's #CO2 emissions. Twice as much as the poorer half of the population, i.e. 2 times the CO2 emissions of 4,000,000,000 people!

"The wealthy, and especially the ultra-wealthy in particular, are doing their best to ensure we have no hope of meeting any kind of #CarbonEmissions targets.
"The world's wealthiest 10% were responsible for around half of global emissions in 2015, according to a 2020 report from Oxfam and the Stockholm Environment Institute. The top 1% were responsible for 15% of emissions, nearly twice as much as the world's poorest 50%, who were responsible for just 7% and will feel the brunt of climate impacts despite bearing the least responsibility for causing them.

As the rich race through the remaining "carbon budget" – the amount of greenhouse gas it's possible to emit without pushing the world beyond 1.5C of warming by the end of the century – they "aren't making the space for the bottom 50% of the population to grow their emissions to the point where they're actually getting their needs met", says Emily Ghosh, a staff scientist at the Stockholm Environment Institute."

#Climate #ClimateCrisis #CO2Emissions

Google likes to claim it loves the web. Google fucking broke the web.

Cookie notices on every fucking website? They need those because they use Google Analytics or Google Ads.

Recipe sites that go on for fucking days? That’s because Google penalises websites when you leave too quickly, and they can’t show as many ads.

Obviously-bullshit machine-generated “content” designed to entice you to click ads? That’s because Google Search is a monopoly.

I’m so tired of Google.

@clockwooork @derek I have a lot to say, but no energy. Its not the first time. The more we focus on Solarpunk as just aesthetics, the more we will run into that: the term not only greenwashed, but meaningess.

For me Solarpunk is a new narrative, lens through which you can see what is happening in the Global South, you acknowledge the traumas ahead and choose to see hope behind them. Like in our @SolarpunkPrompts

Not "masculinity is toxic" but "the way that masculinity is constructed in patriarchy is toxic".

Not "men cannot help being toxic" but "men suffer from a societal conditioning that endorses toxic behaviour from men".

It's not your fault if you're part of it. You didn't get to choose. But you get to choose now.

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Reminder: la data del prossimo SCIOPERO GLOBALE per il clima è: il 3 MARZO‼️

Torniamo a scuotere il mondo riempiendo le piazze di ogni paese.

Facciamo tremare i responsabili della crisi climatica e la politica che tarda ad agire.


Ci vediamo nelle strade!

Per saperne di più:

#FridaysForFuture #GlobalClimateStrike #ClimateStrike

hey this is crazy but what if we passed privacy legislation for the internet era that meaningfully held giant corporations and executives accountable for repeatedly over-collecting consumer data then repeatedly failing to secure it

💾 TFW I'm on the verge of writing one of the best chapters I planned for my current WIP with a badass moment where Dia faces a vel, but I have to travel this weekend so I'll have to wait 😩

🍝 Quando sono a un passo dallo scrivere uno dei capitoli più fighi del manoscritto con un momento epico dove Dia affronta unå vel, ma devo viaggiare nel weekend e dovrò aspettare la prossima settimana 😩

An astounding image of our moment at the precipice:

Climate activists standing against the inhuman-scale machinery of the open-pit Lützerath brown coal mine, with a wind farm visible in the distance.
#climate #LützerathLebt #coal #renewable

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