A world where computers write and make art while human beings break their backs cleaning up toxic messes is the exact opposite of the world I thought I was signing up for when I got into programming

Mostra thread


I'm trying to get more in touch with the book/writing community, so I'm using the hashtags and trying to chat with people I find on my timeline. But I know it's gradual so I don’t mind taking time 😁


This is so hard to explain to normies. They're going to label you as a conspiracy theorist before even beginning to consider that we might live in a lifelong immiserating system.

No, for real. Your life is not and endless pit of despair, it's capitalism. Capitalism is the reason why you feel isolated and lonely and meaningless. Capitalism is why you feel guilty every time you're having a good time or just taking your time to do stuff. Capitalism is the reason why you see your peers as rivals, not mates. Capitalism is why you feel you're unworthy of love.

💾 Fantasy, dragons, commons, solarpunk (?) 

The absolute fucking genius idea I've had (and no, I won't apologize) is that humans stage dramas to make dragons cry, and they love it!

So we can once and for all hijack the absolute bullshit that is "tragedy of the commons"! 😈 😂

Mostra thread

💾 Fantasy, dragons, commons, solarpunk (?) 

💾 Alright here goes another idea I came up with: three villages manage a wetland as commons... but one of them is of dragons!

Each village gives and takes what they can and need in order to keep the wetlands perpetually bountiful... until a conquering empire sweeps in, and wants to seize exploit the valley for itself.

As usual, fantasy as an excuse to talk about cooperation and resistance to colonization.

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Proposal to stop referring to covid in the past tense and climate change in the future tense.

If you see this toot (yeah this one right here), can you boost it for me? It will help my new server federate with the wider Mastodon network. 🚀 🙏

Thanks to anyone who can do this. It is really appreciated! This server is small but will be hosting several #peace #SocialJustice and #Humanistic groups, so it is for a good cause.


Super seconded. Additionally, it gatekeeps many people that are not native speakers. I haven't tried submitting yet, but I'm terrified of grammar-based or punctuation-based rejection.


Definitely! This is usually my routine: work/read during weekdays, write during weekends.

This last month has been quite thorny though, since instead of writing I spent weekend *planning* the next book (you know, plot points and character arcs) 😅

💾 I'm really exhausted. I need a break from work; there’s so much I want to write and read during Christmas vacations, but I keep postponing it until I'm off work because I only want to dedicate my undivided focus to those.


🍝 Sono esausto. Ho bisogno di una pausa; vorrei solo scrivere e leggere durante le vacanze, ma continuo a rimandare perché voglio dedicarci il 100% delle mie energie.



I've read a couple manhwas in the past. Most stories are long in scope, and the premise is that at some point the character will become broken or godly.

Thing is, when the power creep goes out of the window it's impossible to add tension to battles and encounters (looking at you, Tower of God...)

Ci provo a spiegare il #solarpunk in un toot

È un movimento letterario, artistico e attivista che si pone la sfida di immaginare un futuro in cui l'inevitabile cambiamento climatico è stato mitigato da una transizione verso una forma ecosostenibile di civiltà con l'ausilio della tecnologia

L'estetica è ripresa da art nouveau e Miyazaki

Solar perché predica le forme di energia pulite

Punk perché sì ribella al capitalismo e prefigura il suo superamento

Wow ce l'ho fatta!

💾 If I have an evil son, I'm sending him to the US for his supervillain training arc

🍝 Se avrò un figlio malvagio lo manderò negli Stati Uniti per il suo allenamento da supercattivo

💾 "Western protests against masks and vaccines are a rejection of our ‘shared interdependence’, as Elisabeth Anker puts it. According to Anker, ‘COVID warriors practice a freedom to expose others to death, and indeed to be free from them’, with ‘them’ representing basically anyone outside of their private bubble. [...] Chinese protesters’ calls for ‘freedom’ (自由) are both polyvocal and symbolically overdetermined by the context of their inscription."



I'm explicitly here to discuss politics. People who don't want to see politics shouldn't follow me, and if they do they should be aware that I will talk politics.

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