#Twitter is launching #Bluesky, a.k.a. Authenticated Data Experiment.

It'll lead to a more decentralized social network, a more open-source platform, federation across instances, shared protocols, and users in charge of their own "Personal Data Repositories" that they can easily share and move around.

In other words, Twitter is reinventing #ActivityPub, and ignoring years of progress already made on the protocols and infrastructures of the #Fediverse.

I'm really wondering what's the point. If you're a company like Twitter, that has already been struggling to turn profitable for the past decade, what's the point of pouring even more resources into rebuilding ActivityPub from scratch instead of reusing what's already available?



@blacklight I see a couple possible reasons:
- Making use of Twitter's established userbase
- Drawing people away from alternatives like Mastodon and the Fediverse as a whole
- Giving people the illusion of control over their data and decentralization.

A decentralized technology... from Twitter? Doesn't that sound funny already? 😂

@ledom @blacklight or even simpler, vaporware that will never get anywhere, but by existing and sporadically publishing updates will keep the discussion away from the existing solutions. The timing of this useless drop after years of nothing, so coincidental with the growing interest in and the is at the very least suspicious.

@oblomov @blacklight Totally. I agree with you.
It looks strategic at best to release it now. And since they don't have anything working and it's in "test it yourself" mode it sounds a lot like a temporary patch to keep their users from discovering and the .

@oblomov @blacklight I think they could also go as far as banning people on that talk about , like they were people advertising BK in a McDonald's. I hope I'll be wrong but mark my words 😅

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