We are pleased to announce that the 9th edition of the International School on Software Engineering will take place on July 10-13 in Bolzano, Italy, featuring tutorials from Laurie Williams (NCSU, USA), Rui Abreu (U. of Porto, Portugal), @raistlin (Politecnico di Milano), and Mariano Ceccato (U. of Verona) on Software Security! More info: seschool-series.github.io/2023

Please boost! We are *hiring* for *two* jobs in information security! Come work with our amazing team building solutions for the security have-nots in our world!

Red Queen Dynamics needs 1) a leader for engineering/cloud infrastructure, and 2) a product designer. We are a remote-first security company and we welcome people from all backgrounds and life journeys. #infosec #infosecjobs #hiring #cybersecurity

You can apply here! Tech Lead: linkedin.com/jobs/view/3475289

Product Designer: linkedin.com/jobs/view/3475289

Or stay up to date with all our job postings on our website: rqdn.io/career-opportunities

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The real 2FA is the passwords that leaked along the way

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Avete stracciato i cosiddetti su questi presunti di e !

NON sono ! NO!

Sono !

FUFFA di dati riciclati da vecchi leak o logs!

Basta, basta! State solo dando risalto a dei threat actor (criminali)!

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Folks are treating the recent tech layoffs as something spontaneous. They were not. The current layoffs were orchestrated by a hedge fund (TCI Fund).

This hedge fund demanded that the big tech companies lay people off because they were being paid too much. Let that one sink in: a hedge fund manager saying that you're being paid too much.

Note that TCI is demanding that Google lay off more people.

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The two most widespread cognitive biases in tech are overconfidence and oversimplification. And nowhere are they as perfectly expressed as in the posture "we'll get to AGI within 5 years by scaling up deep learning".

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Freshly released! Our React components for sign-up/sign-in. slashid.dev/blog/react-compone

Key features:
1. The configuration object can be fetched from a remote service allowing for a no-code way to perform A/B testing on authentication methods and text copy without any code changes

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Non avevo nemmeno voglia di arrabbiarmi su questa (evidentissima) bufala, ma visto che Giorgio lo ha fatto per me:

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L'incredibile storia di Giuseppina, che vive a Napoli, lavora a Milano e fa avanti e indietro ogni giorno: "meglio 700 km al giorno che affittare a milano".

Essendo quella di "verificare le news" una pratica estranea ai giornali italiani, tocca farlo a me. Thread.

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“I think Thiel is right: crypto is the ultimate technology of libertarianism, the final frontier of discovery. He just missed the second footfall, which is that, through crypto, we will discover that libertarianism is bullshit.”

What’s the true value of crypto? It lays bare the lies of libertarians | Zoe Williams | The Guardian

Twitter has permanently suspended Cryptome_org today. No specific violation provided.

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9th ACM CPSS (with AsiaCCS'23) submission due 30 Jan. A flagship workshop on CPS security initiated at AsiaCCS'15 in Singapore. Will celebrate 10th anniversary in Singapore at AsiaCCS'24. More info @ nics.uma.es/CPSS2023/

, , , ,

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I really doubt you'll find some sinister cyber plot at the root of this FAA thing, but if you're looking for cybersecurity angles I think it's this: we live in an increasingly complex, interdependent system that is prone to unforeseen consequences and cascading failures.

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Looking for a cool place to do hot research on security and machine learning? We have open positions for a PhD student and a Postdoc in my group in Berlin! (@bifoldberlin@twitter.com and @tuberlin@twitter.com). Deadline for applications is January 27! mlsec.org/jobs/#jobs

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A long threat by @alexgabuev@twitter.com warning that Chinese policy towards Russia hasn't changed. Xi is just using European hopes that China might play a constructive role to give European leaders an excuse to pursue their commercial agenda with China, first Scholz, soon Macron and Meloni. twitter.com/AlexGabuev/status/

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L’auto a guida autonoma @PoliMOVE@twitter.com vince per la seconda volta l’@IndyAChallenge@twitter.com sulla pista del @LVMotorSpeedway@twitter.com, stabilendo un nuovo record mondiale di velocità in pista! Congratulazioni a tutto il team!


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"It's your commitment that will change the world." officers, Nita Patel, Jyotika Athavale, Hironori Washizaki, and Grace Lewis met to share their thoughts on the future of and discuss the impact of the community: youtu.be/Dbx6UQO6tV4

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FSD rant.

Still at a loss to as to how some can say Tesla FSD is so amazing.

I've now tried this on 10+ diff vehicles, in different areas (including areas people claim it works well in), and it's still pretty much useless for me.

It does *NOTHING* well EXCEPT lane centering.

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Una piattaforma di voto online, con requisiti non ancora specificati, progettata e realizzata in poche settimane, non riesco proprio a immaginarmi cosa potrebbe andare storto. twitter.com/ilpost/status/1611

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Thread 🤦‍♂️

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I am here for the Metaverse Party at CES. We were all told to gather in outside the Bellagio and sent a link to a metaverse party. Clicking the link brought us this. Some people got crude video avatars dancing awkwardly. After 15 minutes they shut the app down and fled in shame.

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